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James Wild

Writer and composer James Wild has been travelling about this wonderful planet for many years, exploring, greeting and revelling. He has produced an extensive range of recordings on music, meditation, relaxation and other favourite topics of discussion.

After graduating in Botany/Ecology, James went on to produce music and begin writing. He takes a keen interest in nature, music, metaphysical philosophy and Futurama.

James lives in a forest, on a ridge, near a small village, not far from a large city, in Australia, on Gaia, in our Solar System, on the Orion Arm of the Milky Way about 26,000 light years from galactic centre, in the Local Group of galaxies drifting somewhere in this extraordinary universe (apparently torus shaped or fractally holographic some say).

James says, “With my music, recordings and writing I endeavour to inspire and help people connect to Gaia and the greater good of humanity".

A Spiritual Revolution

Republished © Stuart Wilde – Question and answer sessions Part 8: A Spiritual Revolution (Excerpts from question and answer sessions given by Stuart Wilde) Q: How can we help usher […]

Stuart Wilde Q&A: Anger and Fear

(Excerpts from question and answer sessions given by Stuart Wilde)

Are Our Thoughts Our Own?

Q: In your books, Stuart, you ask us how we know that our thoughts are ours. What do you mean by that, and if our thoughts aren’t ours, whose are they?