Canadians: You Are Living Above a Meth Lab

No doubt America is in diabolical trouble. Just a year ago I wouldn’t have thought the decline would be so rapid but that’s how evolution works — not gradual changes but most often quick sharp shocks. Covid-19 and the Trumpeter are providing such shocks.

All great civilisations decline — some more rapidly than others. I don’t want to be alarmist but it’s very unsettling to see a great country possibly unravelling in our lifetime. I say possibly because no one can predict the future but you don’t need a crystal ball — just read the signs.

And if you want help with the signs, a recent ‘gone viral’ article in The Rolling Stone Magazine by Wade Davis will do.

He mentions that Canadians are currently living in an apartment above a meth lab, which I think comes from a Robin Williams joke. It’s a funny joke but has a much more piteous ring to it these days.

Over the last 70 years America has created a lot of good will around the world — the shining light on the hill sort of sentiment. I have travelled there over a dozen times and found it to be a magnificent country. A beacon of hope, of strength and unwavering possibilities. But America has squandered much good will by devising a social political meritocratic system that has become so corrupted it no longer functions to serve the people.

Meritocracy has created a system of fear: A fear of missing out; a fear of being trumped (pardon the pun) by our fellow person. When fear takes over, the psyche, the spirit is washed out of our being — it’s like a pressure hose. We all need a good spraying on occasion to remind us of our transgressions but having a perpetual hosing down, day after day, takes a heavy toll.

As a result civil society is breaking down and it doesn’t matter which side you are on. The dog eat dog world is ever more obtrusive. It’s like the collective consciousness of America has a metaphysical hand hovering over the self destruct button.

Pondering on such things I don’t feel angry at the leaders or the establishment but only sadness because I don’t want America to go down the gurgler. There is so much to be thankful for, so much good in the people (and America keeps the world shipping lanes open).

The real scary thing is that if the Republicans lose, the Trumpeter is going to create as much destruction as he can before he leaves — if he does leave. He’s like the spiteful child in the classroom that feels his moment is coming and is planning to set fire to the back of the room on the way out.

But what’s the alternative? The grinding techno military complex that is eating at the soul of America and those caught up in its wake feels pervasive. So whomever becomes president it may not matter — the self-serving corruption has such momentum that it’s hard to see it abating.

What to do?

It’s way too early to be making predictions about the collapse of America but I can’t help but think, if I was living there, it would be in the back of my mind to start preparing to move. Canada, Australia, New Zealand — they would surely be on the list.

In the meantime, when there is mayhem outside, go within and find that peaceful place. Pare back your opinions. Don’t get sucked in to the established fear mongering or the whacky conspiracy theories. There is no need to join in on the shenanigans of the world. Best left alone. Consolidate your power where you are and stay strong in your mind. Most importantly, gather people around who have a gentle heart, are supportive and have the spirit of a respectful, generous life.

My very best to you on our continuing journey
James Wild

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  1. Dont understand why americans should leave? If they ie come to Australia they are not born of this land and not of this land. They are not connected. They will just hover and have a disconnect life from all things. Why dont Americans stand firm in their land their spirit and live their way in tune. With little influence from other lands they may find serious clarity and true direction. Attached to the spirit of the land and culture is the first of many steps to a graceful light at the end of the tunnel.

    • The meaning of meritocracy can be confusing, I think. When the term was coined, supposedly in 1958, it was supposed to deride a sort of class system where power was bestowed on people based on someone else’s idea of merit; educational opportunities based on tests, and presumably other decided upon biases. Ironically, a lot of complaints, today, around meritocracy are about a form of it actually not being adhered to, for example where people are pre-judged and not allowed to perform to see ‘how they do’.

      America largely got beyond such Old World concepts because here, if you had something to sell, no one was going to stop you selling it. Elevation in lifestyle was not based on acceptance, but on achievement. You might not have been accepted, and often weren’t, but it didn’t matter because you were tolerated. And in this country, that was good enough, for generations of native born and immigrants alike. But this was not the case for everybody: We have wounds like slavery, the treatment of native Americans and the Civil War, all of which have yet to fully heal, and that can take generations.

      In America you could find a way, at least more so than in the countries that people left behind. Social class was far less important, as to some extent was education in that you didn’t have to go to the ‘right school’ to get ahead. In essence, power in America was not so much bestowed; it was earned or bought.

      If anything, it is mediocrity that got us to where we have been headed for the past sixty years. What we have squandered is our freedom, in that we have taken it for granted, sat on our laurels and not paid attention while droves of power hungry thieves worked their way into government when we weren’t looking. Easy come, easy go, for maybe a couple of generations. Now some people don’t want to hear about excellence, probably because they fear failure, and there is a lying power structure telling them they don’t have to fail. However, we all fail. Seventy plus years ago, failure may have been such a part of life, so near, that rising above it, again and again, was understood to be a basic necessity. Now we have corrupt entities telling us that we are more, or less, prone to failure based on our race; like that is somehow supposed to help anyone.

      I disagree with the opinion presented of our president in James’ post above, but I can see how one might get that impression, due to the contempt born of fear most of the media have for the president, and due to the way they portray him. In my lifetime, I have seen few if any presidents that are not either owned by the establishment, or have not tacitly agreed to their rules, and who cannot be bought. President Trump is the exception. Unfortunately, people don’t see beyond the sometimes rude personality and the often misleading half quotes of the media; and to be fair he has said some mean-spirited things, particularly in the run up to his election. And sometimes it is hard not to be petulant, when you are constantly barraged by people who despise you, and who have little or no interest in anything good you have done.

      What people may not see, especially abroad, is how fed up a good portion of the country is: Fed up of the fear, fed up with the masks, fed up with the lies, and fed up with the increasing slide into compliance with something that is as rotten as it ever was: A dictum of obedience in exchange for privileges. That is not government by the people, and that is why our founders were so concerned that we would lose what they had won.

      I like what ecoplumbers said above. Yes we do have a connection to the spirit of our land and to our culture, and with God’s help, we will honor that; especially in these trying times.

      God bless. Thanks again James, for your inspiring site and words.

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