The Four Disciplines of the Initiates

From Old Chinese Lecture

One stood up and from it came a voice, but at the same time there seemed to be little drops of light that filled the room as the words came forth, “There are four requirements of the initiate, of one who wants to enter into the world of the higher self, who wants to start their quest”.

And fusion said, “First, an initiate will tolerate anything and everything, for he perceives others and things in light of his individual development. An initiate tolerates all things”.

“Secondly, an initiate has imagination. Anything that looks like it is, he knows that it isn’t. He perceives the Tao which is the height of imagination. He knows by looking differently, his imagination will excel. If he uses his imagination to its highest point, he will be called a drunk, for he will not talk the same, he will not walk the same. he will not care what people think of him. He will not care about the time. He will seem to wander distantly, and not know where he’s going. He will seem to have no beginning and end. They will call him a drunk”.

“The third is the ability to understand what power you have; and what you know, you keep to yourself. The power you have and what you know, you keep to yourself”.

“And fourth, you purify. You constantly purify your thoughts and your feelings. You constantly unfold every breath and movement, not in a conscious intelligent way, but naturally and without deliberation”.

Blessings and Peace to you all.

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  1. Thank you James, I love reading your posts and they beautiful memories of Stu, it makes my day.

    Live and light ________________________________

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