The Four Spiritual Things

Back in the 80’s, I attended a lecture by Glynn Braddy – a colleague of Stuart Wilde’s. Glynn was a brilliant speaker and some said a modern mystic. He created a seminar called The Elements of Man, which became The Four Seasons Seminar (not sure what he is up to now – there is little information about his teachings as being very Taoist, Glynn was not a fan of writing things down).

Even Stuart said to me just before Glynn retired from teaching that he was the greatest lecturer he had ever known. That first seminar I attended was transformational. It gave me four concepts that I have held close and worked with ever since.


The first: what we experience as the Spirit or God Force or Soul or the Celestial – whatever you like to call it – is an impartial energy: i.e. it’s like electricity – it simply flows naturally along a path (likely of least resistance) having no volition, no consciousness of itself.

The second was responsibility: that we are responsible for the vast majority of events in our lives, so whatever we put in we get back.

Thirdly: non-infringement, which ties in with non-judgement. By understanding that people have their own natural evolution then we are not trying to fix things for them (unless they ask of course). Not judging them, not needing them to be any different from the human beings they are right now. True love flows easily from this concept.

The fourth was not to take the first three things too seriously – because seriousness is a disease that will be our undoing.

So I learnt that a spiritual life was not necessarily a life of peace, love or balance – and especially it was not wandering around in a robe anointing people. During those early years it started with understanding and embracing these four things and even now they still challenge me. There were probably a couple of other things floating around at the time but I like to keep things simple (in fact that’s another one in itself).

Blessings and peace to Glynn Braddy wherever you are.

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  1. That was a beautiful read…. and I laughed when I got to The fourth. Many thanks for this 🙂 ❤

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