Trendy Health Food Eating Disorder

lettuce in mouthOrthorexia Nervosa is a new disorder (not clinically so) where people become so obsessed about eating healthy that it creates anxiety and stress and therefore negative consequences for good wholesome living. For the original article I read go here at Quartz

I’ve met people with O.N. When eating out they create such a kerfuffle that they place themselves firmly at the centre of attention. Recently I went to a pub meal gathering with scores of others. One family were on a special diet of no gluten, dairy, added salt and very low carbs etc. It took the kitchen 3 deliveries to get their meals right. They didn’t have food allergies or the plague. Really It all gets a bit much.

Heaving said that, I have met many people who have changed their lives for the better through strict food regimes. I have even gone on some crazy ones myself. Such experimentation can be rewarding and even may save your life. For example how would you know that if you hadn’t banned eating cow you would still be here on the earth plane?.

Really though, it’s a bit of a blurry line between being careful or even pedantic about what you eat and having Orthorexia. If you need to experiment with restrictions or additions then do it for a bit and see how it goes. You may go through up and downs and challenges but it doesn’t have to be a label or badge that you wear creating angst for yourself and those around you.

For the past 2 years I have pretty much given up on regular bread, coffee, cheese and alcohol and feel much better for it. But nothing is completely banned as I don’t have any allergies or intolerances. I believe the key is to relax with your food and enjoy it. If eating is a huge performance, your not relaxed. Not good for any body – especially yours.

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